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Abscessed Tooth (Video One)

An abscessed or infected tooth is the most common reason many anxious patients call their dentist. Antibiotics can help control the infection but you still need to treat the actual cause.

Decayed teeth, cracked teeth and an impacted tooth can be the reason for the abscess. If there is enough of the tooth remaining a root canal can save the tooth.

Either way modern dentistry is painless and you shouldn’t worry.

Dental Extraction (Video Two)

Tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure performed by the dentist. With todays modern local anesthetics your tooth can be pulled easily and painlessly. Oral Sedation and I.V. intravenous sedation is available to relieve your fears and anxiety.

After the tooth is extracted wet gauze is placed over the extraction site to control any bleeding. An ice pack over the area for the first 24 hours may also reduce the swelling. Most patients will take 600mg to 800mg of ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) every 4 hours to relieve the pain andlimit inflammation. Antibiotics are rarely needed but if you are concerned ask the dentist.

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The American Dental Association (ADA): Provides timely and important information to the dental professional and patient. There are many links inside this site to your treatment options, issues with dental insurance and current topics in dentistry today. A very animated site of Children’s books, DVD’s and CD’s of factual dental health edu-tainment. The graphics and animations are world class capture every child’s interest. is a new online resource founded by Dr. Oz and Jeff Arnold, the founder of WebMD. You the patient get to ask health-related questions to the leading professionals in their field. Dr. Marc Gottlieb is a regular contributor on this site. is a very useful site to find other professional and non-professional services in your immediate are.

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