About Dr. Marc Gottlieb

Dr. Marc M. Gottlieb was born and raised here on Long Island. After graduation from Lindenhurst H.S. he attended Union College in Schenectady, New York. He graduated with thesis honors in biology and then shuffled off to Buffalo. While at the University of Buffalo he received many academic scholarships, awards and fellowships.

After graduation from dental school Dr. Gottlieb went on to a two year post-graduate residency program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. At the Medical Center he received advanced training in dental anesthesiology and all the specialties of dentistry. That included but was not limited to advanced training in Root Canals, Oral Surgery, Dentures, and Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a leading authority in I.V. (intravenous) and Oral Sedation.

Dr. Gottlieb is currently on staff at Stony Brook University Hospital and recently awarded one the top providers of Continuing Education in Dentistry Today. Dr. Gottlieb has a very impressive resume.

Anxiety Free Dentistry

Dr. Gottlieb recognized the need for a Long Island dentist who catered to treating patients with mild to severe dental anxiety. Many patients avoid dental care until it’s a true dental emergency. He is one of the few dentists that is a fully trained and licensed dental anesthesiologist. This means that he has the ability to offer a wide range options to reassure and comfort patients with dental anxiety. Anxiety Free Dental is a family dental practice and treats the family members of anxious patients as well. The youngest patient treated was 18 months and the oldest 103. Often multiple procedures can be performed in a single visit.

He has built his practice around caring, compassion and a total commitment to providing residents of Commack area and beyond with the highest quality dental care at reasonable prices. Dr. Gottlieb recently was invited and attended the American Dental Associations Champions of Evidence Based Dentistry (EBD) program. This training will allow him to bring the most current knowledge and technology to you as the patient and the entire dental community. The evidence is clear, fluoride varnish is better than fluoride gel for young patients at risk for getting cavities. Dental sealants are not for everyone. It’s not clear if every tooth with a root canal will need a crown or cap. You must take into account the patients habits and how much of the tooth is remaining. Take a moment to view the Anxiety Free Dental Blog for a variety of topics that are searchable and the answers are Evidence Based when information is available. Some of the topics discussed are tooth colored fillings, toothaches, oral surgery and bleeding. The blog is updated regularly and if you have a topic you would like researched and posted just let me know.

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