Directions to Smithtown Office

The office address is 42 Terry Road. We are just North or Maureen’s Kitchen and South of Jericho Turnpike. Terry Road is East of the Village of Smithtown. If you are on Jericho Turnpike coming from the West drive through Smithtown and cross over route 111. Then just past the church is Terry Road. Make a right turn onto Terry Road. From the East take Jericho Turnpike past the car dealers and make a left onto Terry Road. 

Off route 347: From the west make a left turn onto Terry Road and head north. From the East make a right turn on Terry Road.

Financial arrangements

We offer quality care at reasonable and affordable fees. Before treatment begins the fees will be explained to you and you will be asked to make specific financial arrangements. If you have dental insurance please bring in your information booklet along with a couple of completed insurance forms. After evaluating your plan we will ask that you pay the estimated co-payment and deductible. Your insurance form will be processed immediately. Once all the insurance payments have been received you will be billed for the balance or immediately sent your credit. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.

ABOUT DENTAL INSURANCE: If your employer offers dental insurance you are very fortunate. Dental Insurance works like a valuable coupon that can substantially help with the cost of needed dental care. No dental plan is designed to cover all your dental needs. Most will cover preventive care and more than half the amount of major services up to a yearly maximum. It is very important today when choosing or using a dental plan you know it you must see a dentist in network or if they allow benefits to an out of network provider. Since dental plans are constantly changing and no two plans are the same this office is out of network.

Your dental coverage is determined by your employer and the level of what is covered is determined by the insurance company, the individual who negotiated the plan and the premium paid. Many base their payments on the UCR (Usual,Customary and Reasonable) schedule that the insurance company designed. UCR charges do not reflect what dentists usually charge in a given area. For example GHI insurance company reimburses the patient about twenty percent less than the 2003 Medicaid fee schedule. Also insurance companies are not required to explain how they set up their fee schedule.

Actuaries have determined that the average middle aged american requires about $800.00 a year of treatment at the dentist. That includes the regular cleanings twice a year and an occasional filling or crown. Insurance companies have an annual cap and exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Some will not cover replacement of missing teeth if the extractions were done prior to having their dental coverage.

There are so many clauses in a standard dental plan that confuse you and may limit reimbursement to you as the patient. You as the patient need to become familiar with you dental coverage. Try to do some advanced planning and work with us to make it possible to keep your teeth so they will last a lifetime. Don’t wait until it hurts. Toothaches are costly and you don’t want to stuck with a large deductible. If you have any additional questions about dental insurance or your particular coverage feel free to call or email me your questions.

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