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Whats that large bump in my lower jaw?

What's that large bump or lump on my lower jaw? Many patients are often unaware of this benign process. Slowly over time a benign growth of bone, bump or lump, forms on the inside of the jaw. You first realize you have this common condition when you eat a hard bagel...

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Flossing Apps

Flossing: There is an app for that. You know that favorite question your dental hygienist asks when you get your cleaning in twice a year. It goes something like, “Are you flossing regularly?” After poking around your teeth and gums, your dentist and dental hygienist...

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Why patients fear the dentist

Why Patients Fear the Dentist Fears not only paralyze, they also lead to avoidance. A fear of heights, for example, would make one stay far from anything that isn’t grounded. Similarly, a fear of the dentist can make someone avoid the dentist. In efforts to avoid the...

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Fear of needles and the dental injection

Fear of Needles and the dental injection One of the biggest fears many patients have in the dental chair is the fear of the needle or dental injection. Many patients worry about the pain of the injection or the shock type feeling when trying to numb a lower tooth....

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Halitosis: Your bad breath

Halitosis: Your Bad Breath If someone’s breath smelled bad once, you’d probably forgive them for it. Right? What if their breath smelled bad regularly? Would you have the guts to bring this potentially embarrassing personal issue up to them? You’re more likely to keep...

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Dental cleaning with sedation

Dental Cleaning with sedation. Yes, you can have your teeth cleaned with sedation. You can have every dental procedure done with sedation. Sedation dentistry is not limited to oral surgery. When you need to have a tooth removed many patients request sedation to help...

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Lingering Toothache

Lingering Toothache Many of my patients will tell me that the worse pain they have ever felt is the pain of a dental toothache. For most patients a visit to the dentist usually leads to a clear-cut direction of care and a predictable resolution of pain. The solution...

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What can I eat following an extraction

What can I eat following an extraction? Immediately following an extraction don't eat anything. If you are still numb you will only hurt yourself. If you insist on consuming some calories then stick with a liquid diet until the feeling returns. Once the feeling...

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I’m Even Afraid to Have My Teeth Cleaned

I'm Even Afraid to Have My Teeth Cleaned. A recent study in Europe found many dental patients experience pretreatment anxiety before having their teeth cleaned. In the report about a third of patients waiting for regularly scheduled dental hygiene appointments...

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