Full and Partial Dentures

At Anxiety Free Dental we don’t just do dentures. We make beautiful dentures that look like natural teeth and provides lip support for that attractive smile. Our goal is to be as conservative as possible but sometimes teeth can’t be saved and a Full or Partial denture may be right for you. A full denture is something that replaces all of your missing teeth and comes out of your mouth. It is a prosthesis meant to replace all your missing teeth. An immediate denture is a denture that is inserted and given to the patient the same day that all the teeth are extracted. Since there is a significant amount of healing and shrinkage of the infected gums after surgery patients with immediate dentures should have a second traditional denture made. A traditional denture is a denture made to replace an existing immediate denture or older denture showing signs of wear. The life expectancy of a traditional denture is 5 years due to changes inside the mouth affecting the fit and the amount of wear to the teeth.

Partial dentures are a removable device fabricated around your existing teeth filling in the open spaces. You can replace a single from tooth or many side teeth on both sides of your mouth with a partial denture .Even one tooth holding a denture in place is considered a partial denture. Partial denture can be made entirely of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal. A metal framework will give it stability and strength so it won’t crack.

Today implants are often used to anchor or help secure full or partial dentures. With todays space age materials the durability , fit and esthetics allows us to make full and partial denture that look like natural teeth.

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