Cosmetic Dentistry & Bonding

When you think of cosmetic bonding, Lumineers, porcelain veneers or any cosmetic dentistry you picture that white Hollywood smile. Cosmetic Bonding can be that pearly white smile or that natural healthy smile. Cosmetic dentistry many times is designed to look like no dentistry at all. Take a moment to view our photo gallery of before and after photo’s of patients treated in the Levittown office.

Decades ago dentists only had gold and silver to restore teeth.In the back of the mouth both materials functioned well but cosmetically looked awful. Around the late 1960’s white tooth colored materials became more durable and predictable. Today every patient desires white fillings in their teeth.

Cosmetic bonding is using todays modern tooth colored materials to restore cavities in the front and back of the mouth. This material can also be used to cover or veneer discolored teeth, close gaps between the teeth, and create the illusion of straight teeth.Caps or Crowns today are made of all porcelain or fused to a metal framework. Direct bonding is placing dental composite (plastic with porcelain) into the cavity or over the tooth and shaping it so it looks perfect or brand new.

Image below: on the left is a worn filling and on the right a replaced white filling.

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