Dentistry for Children and Kids

Kids are not just little people. They have very unique teeth and eating habits. Most children are good cooperative dental patients but those under the age of eight can be very unpredictable. Children can get cavities and it is just as important to take care of their teeth as well as your own. The American Dental Association recommends a child have their first dental exam around the age of three. If you or the pediatrician suspect decay or a problem at any age call for a quick dental exam. If your child is very young and uncooperative medications are available to sedate them for the exam or treatment. For the very young or special needs child treatment may need to be done under general anesthesia.

The purpose of baby teeth is to chew, make sounds for speech and provide the foundation for the position and growth of the adult teeth. The front teeth help with biting off food but also to make specific sounds. A child will lisp if they cannot position the upper and lower front teeth in an edge to edge position. The baby molars grind the food into smaller pieces but also maintains the position for the adult teeth to come in. If a child looses a baby tooth the adult teeth may not erupt in their correct position.
Thumb sucking or using a pacifier after the age of 12 months may result in an open bite and problems saying certain sounds and problems with jaw formation. All kids have the instinct to grind their teeth and this is a normal habit.

If you suspect a dental problem always call. It’s better to be told let’s wait a while than to wish you called six months or a year earlier.

Dentistry for the Whole Family

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