Flossing: There is an app for that.

You know that favorite question your dental hygienist asks when you get your cleaning in twice a year. It goes something like, “Are you flossing regularly?”

After poking around your teeth and gums, your dentist and dental hygienist probably already know the answer. No matter what your response, the hygienist will tell you to floss daily. She will even demonstrate, yet again, how to do so properly. Still, such a simple technique is so hard for some people to keep up with.
I recently came across an article written by an individual who proposed to make daily flossing a New Year’s resolution. In fact, it’s admirable that he went as far as to even hire a flossing coach. I never knew they existed! But, you could hire a coach for yourself as well, through an app called Coach.me. This app allows you to choose your own goals and then provides you with different types of coaching material, free or paid, in order to help you achieve them.

You might believe brushing is enough. But, flossing will reach those spaces which brushing will not. And being aware that you must floss is also not enough. You have to actually do it, and this app is a great way to help you make flossing a daily habit. Maybe you’d want to track other goals. Use the app to help you become fit, stop smoking, brush before going to bed, learn a new skill, or journal more often. I guarantee you will find other users with similar goals. About 70,000 users alone have made flossing their goal. A community will cheer you on and hold you accountable. If that encouragement isn’t enough, the app is able to give you motivation and “props” as well.

If there’s any habit worth starting and keeping, flossing should be among them. You might not need to hire a flossing coach. Maybe you might need to start off with flossing just one tooth. No shame. Remember, you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep! FYI Bleeding gums is a warning sign. Gingivitis over time will advance to periodontal disease and tooth loss. For a free consultation without obligation feel free to call our Levittown Office.

Written by Katherine Ynsinare

About Dr. Marc Gottlieb

Dr. Gottlieb was raised on Long Island. After high school, he attended Union College. He graduated with thesis honors in biology and then shuffled off to Buffalo. While at the University of Buffalo he received many academic scholarships, awards and fellowships.

After graduation from dental school Dr. Gottlieb went on to a two year post-graduate residency program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. At the Medical Center he received advanced training in dental anesthesiology and all the specialties of dentistry. That included but was not limited to advanced training in Root Canals, Oral Surgery, Dentures, and Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a leading authority in I.V. (intravenous) and Oral Sedation.

Dr. Gottlieb is currently on staff at Stony Brook University Hospital and recently awarded one the top providers of Continuing Education in Dentistry Today.